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Paulcity Blog Launch

The Bloginning of something fantastic.

  For curious individuals the business adventure called Paulcity begins here. Our blog exists to help both current and potential supporters remain informed of past, present and future events, inspirations, product research, product launches, symbiotic relationships in the community and philanthropic pursuits.
    Paul refines products that he himself has found a need for or has been commissioned to make by his patrons. If you have an idea for a product you would like to see created within the scope of Paulcity design requirements send him a note. If the product makes it into production you will be allowed to choose a city you would like to name the new product after. While Paulcity calls San Francisco its home, the community that supports it is a global one. 
Thanks for reading and if you want to discover the mysteries behind the growth of Paulcity Goods please spread the word and  subscribe to this feed, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, pin us on Pinterest or support us on Kickstarter Campaign starting in the middle of February 2013!
For your time,  attention and support, Paulcity thanks you.  


Guidelines for Paulcity Goods:

  • Products may be embellished anywhere in the world, but must first be made in the U.S.A.

  • While Paul would gladly repair or replace any failed component on his line of products, designs are created to empower owners with the self confidence to repair your product. Paul believes, with some easy to use attainable parts, you too can mend it... if so desired.
  • When rock climbing, redundancy is built into the climbing safety systems for attaching a climbing rope to the earth. This is done by distributing the load between multiple anchors so that if one anchor should come free or damaged there is a backup to maintain function until a replacement can be installed. Redundancy is necessary at Paulcity.


  • When leather is used it will be a natural 100% full grain hide to showcase the diverse attributes of the source animal
  • Cattle with Cattle or Pig with Pig  no mixing of animal hides.


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