Heirloom Leather Goods For Discerning Men and Women

Design Theory

Why do I design? Simply put, life experience and a varied background have positioned me to innovate and enhance our worlds everyday products for sustainability or personal health. Working together we can become the change makers we often admire.

Is sustainable design important?  Yes, we all have roles in sustainable design; Ranchers determine Range Management methods for both healthy land and animal handling, Temple Grandin strives for humane processing of livestock and has developed many advancements now integrated into meat packing plants, tanneries strive to reduce their impact on effluent waste discharge, designers can choose their substrates with longevity or long term impacts in mind and your adoption, as the informed consumer, will help all involved create a more sustainable and humane leather supply chain. 

Planned longevity. When I see a product fail my curious nature first wonders about the how or why. At what point does a product or fashion item become obsolete to a user? Did the thread break? Did the glued layers separate? Was the edge finish flaking off? These acceptable points of failure to most are not okay with me. In fact, these fail points are inspirations that have driven me to create my line of goods with the intent of longevity, field serviceability while maintianing a classic look.

Value.  Paulcity Goods are field serviceable so like a vintage motorcycle or truck, they too can be brought back to life if ever neglected in an old barn. If a screw comes loose, tighten it. If you cannot tighten it, send it back and we will tighten or replace it for you. This approach keeps the leather in use and out of our landfills, which over time and degredation may cause harm to underground water supplies.

Source of Hides.  This is one of the hardest things to track, but I'm continuing my work towards transparent hide origins. Currently they come from United States steer hides which are cured, shipped to Latin America for tanning and returned for distribution in the US.

Do you repurpose old leather? No, up-cycled leather may be dangerous to your health. Due to global advancements in tanning, previous methods once thought safe may have since been banned.  An example is using Hexavalent Chromium 6, a known carcinogen instead of Trivalent Chromium 3 to tan the hides. To ensure you and your family's safety around our products, only hides of a known origin will be incorporated in our new designs.