Heirloom Leather Goods For Discerning Men and Women


Applied science is a cornerstone for growth and product development here at Paulcity. When a person says this is the "best" leather it evokes, yet again the inner curiosity as to what "best" actually means. For me it integrates the supply chain and overall impact per hide related to animal well being, pollution and product lifespan. While right now our primary substrate is Full Grain US cattle hides it is important to recognize, integrate and showcase other fantastic materials that bolster our sustainability driven brand.

Technology unlocks new sources for future substrates as well from lab grown animal hides, mushroom fabric, or even Pineapple byproducts.To turn a blind eye to achievements in textile design is not what this company is about, it is what drives us.

One such example of future fabrics is Pinatex™ or pineapple leather developed by Dr. Carmen Hijosa. Derived from the fibers of pineapple foilage, it is being touted as a fantastic leather alternative. Less impactful than the production of polyurethane, it's becoming a sought after substrate for the growing vegan community as well. Keep an eye out for other fantastic non leather alternatives as time progresses.